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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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it wasn't hard to live from moscow these are the top stories the side of the world's worst nuclear accident threatens a new radiation leak as a lack of fun slows for progress on replacing the crumbling for novels or car because the current containment shelter was builded father of a century ago it was only man's to last twenty years. nails airstrikes hit the libyan capital once again targeting girls and obvious compounds while the rebels hope they'll benefit from the country's rich resources give that up it's gone experts warn their risk braces are likely to crash as the water itself aims to suck
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up the wealth. and russia's ministry of culture under fire for boarding an innovation prize or war slammed by the majority as an act of vandalism but some praise the move saying it's a sign of a sentence or phrase society. fortune are the next we ask one outspoken british journalist why he thinks the country got involved in libya and whether it should have done so in the first place. today i'm talking to kelvin mackenzie former addicts healthy thug newspaper columnist he's spoken out against the military intervention in libya saying that maybe it's not worth an ounce of british bloods help mackenzie that's a very strong position to take i mean the government reckons that strikes prevented a massacre in benghazi so he that's worth a few persons problems and so it seems well first of all we don't know whether
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there was going to be a massacre a big odyssey this is the p.r. or this was the government push this was cameron's personal speed in the end of the day this is libyans fighting libyans and who are we to say who should be running their country through when i last looked i didn't notice any libyans interfere when the cavaliers in the roundheads took place in a revolution or there as far as i could see there was nobody from tripoli wondering where in the french revolution this is a revolution quite normal the other side of got gardens mysteriously they seem to have rocket propelled grenades they seem to have. fired bullets and these are not people sitting there with the spotted gun leaning over a friend saying your did a fairly sophisticated if you take the other aspect is that the rebels themselves who i wish well although i feel very unsure about what our relationship with libya
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was going to be a big lips we have al qaeda wandering around how do we know that at the end of the day they don't end up running the country we don't know anything about this. there is a justification for us doing much more than for no fly zones there is a justification when they blew up a passenger airliner over lockerbie killing our people on the ground and killing people for america there was a justification to do what i suspect russia much of the under the same circumstances which you said right we're coming in we're taking you out we're bombing the hell out of the place and then there'll be a change of regime and that will be more justifiable than this but libyan rebels did offer to intervene they also may say to intervene to me not therefore have a duty to go in and help the mobs and we don't work two to one jew tree do we owed
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to our side in a revolution who is trying to grab you decide what the outcome of that war is going to be i say we have no duty while we are out there wandering around the desert there was a justification it was not for being there is no justification i prefer the russian position i prefer the chinese position i prefer the german position all of which is the same as we wish you well and we're not firing any guns away not sending in any planes what now that means you're with lucian that we pull out and leave the libyans to what could essentially be a bloody civil war it is a bloody civil war that's what happens in civil wars there isn't the point the reason that you have the word war involved in civil war is it's not called civil negotiation it is a fight and in the end i expect the rebels they will win but they don't need to win risking blubber now money but what if as he's looking increasingly likely daffy in
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fact when he does outcome the rebels at the moment what if now that the international community has irreparably fallen out with him he actually face in power and again well first of all i don't care about the international community and secondly they haven't that you know they don't like him but there's lots of people they don't like i mean why they're after you why don't they. well you were at libya just go down the road a bit to the congo where literally under a thousand people are being wiped out why haven't we gone there why don't we go and protect the minority tribe be in a zimbabwean actually there's a lot of injustice in the world and maybe injustice even in this country right who knows but the issue is that there is nothing that can be done the international community is a big factor i was very what happens to the politicians is that they look around at themselves to look at this their ratings in the polls in my sorry you know what i'm not doing very well here the people who vote for me think i'm an idiot they're going to trap me you know what sort of what i would do what i want to around north africa wander around the middle east when we go into saudi arabia where they plan
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march is the king is announce there will be severe repercussions for demonstrations and in the east they started firing everybody why don't we go into the main why don't we go in everywhere what's your answer to all these questions why don't we going to yemen why don't we get into syria because it's nothing to do with us we have neither the power the fire panel nor the will nor as we learned from iraq where one hundred and eighty of. good people died and probably forty billion forty or fifty billion quid went out of our coffers which we could possibly even for their profit was up with that right it. has nothing to do with us things take time and yet we have still going into libya which by you know take also has nothing to do with us is because we could have been open about gadhafi you know really is where we're a nation trying to relive the old days of the empire with cameron keep on shouting out where of all the pink bits gone you know strolling around the middle east you
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know without a sign out without an exit plan we now have to go into these places we have no idea how to get out you pay institutions played a big role in rehabilitating the factory regime not so long ago and say therefore they got some nice has been labelled media now that the media has turned on him again how important is it for legitimizing an intervention like this and indeed regime change. will be i think we should divide it up into two points first of all the governments whoever they are and it's been going on now for forty odd years we have been licking garfield's backside now for for decades whether we supply arms to them or we embrace them the disgusting things that we're. but actually these people that you know the same time politicians move either way so what we're kissing could of his backside and now we're trying to kick it it's ridiculous so the media do
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have a role and the role of the media is to expose that we are trading with dictators now so what does the government say they say we have to deal with the reality of political reality we have to we have to trade with these people and then somebody writes us about said we weren't so trading with problems stayed right it is pathetic absolutely pathetic but at the same time it every so often the government changes pyaar and when the government changes for how they view changes power so there's no consistency to my mind actually the media have been pretty good they've been pretty good the problem we face now is we're now at war with people i we you know want so we actually have to support our troops we don't have to support idiots like cameron got nothing else to do can't decide whether we should be wandering around all spittle in the u.k. or should we wander around the battlefields of of the middle east but we have to
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have to support our troops the media gets caught in a difficult position its troops are its readers and all the center of our world. the government they're idiots and the libyan regime a disgusting so the media gets caught in a very difficult area you were the made notorious editor of the u.k. to make sure it's tabloids very proud of you to put it do you rate that so that it with tabloid culture is that thing that made wars like this easy it said sell and popularized by the british public i accept the first bit of thoreson except that the sun did spectacularly undermine excellent editorship i think though that they didn't actually make any difference to government policy i mean you know. the issue about the media is it is it is it's like the sea it's always with us you've simply got to put up with it if you're
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a policymaker and all right there will be oh there will be a lot of. aggravation about libby and now i mean it started off and right we thought we were going to blow them all out of the water we'd all be home for having having a cup of tea at the ritz bar pass for well there we are down there a month later and the whole thing is still going on so the nightmare is is is still to be faced in my view but i think it's fair to blame the media for it i mean i'm personally massively hostile to the libyan infraction mainly because i saw why i've been in iraq at least things take peculiar turns which you can't really work out intellectually nor guess. nevertheless. you know i'm very much in favor of our soldiers and so you get told i but the media are stronger i think you're right about that but the media's stronger because of what happened in iraq i mean that the trouble was that a million people marched against the iraq war blair blair was not telling his
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cabinet the things will be revealed now because he was scared they were going to leak so basically they were deciding it as though you and i were having a nice chat another glass of soda said oh yes it would be what you think given the office he was is a bit of a go her yes good idea someone then they went to him right so the million were ignored i people say that the government various governments not nothing from iraq and afghanistan but do you think what in fact what you learned was how to tell another military intervention no absolutely the issue is quite clear we didn't want iraq it was lumbered on us by a vainglorious prime minister. cameron is now wandering around in the desert of to brook trying to work out or get out he would look an idiot at the end of all this but beat the but the underlying issue is with libya. there have been no deaths on our side just wait if i only caught the crash and god forbid we lose ten people or
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all by the way they use those heat seeking missiles which you can basically just walk in and take according to today's papers. if that happened we side being blown out of the sky don't even think about it so the issue is we haven't dropped any blood yeah we've dropped tens of millions of pounds which we haven't got but not one single one of our people is as died read let happen in the game and the p.r. game will change politically what does someone like david cameron gain from breaking a war in africa a military a war crime and so or what was in it for him or for a country he's a pro for he is unfortunately a professional bleeding hearts and so he's one of those guys who will rush around aimlessly he's a total political animal by the way rush around endlessly saying something must be done the answer is something mustn't be done it's like when you plan to send off
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a really stinking his email on the night before to your boss right don't send that a mile go to bed wake up in the morning reread it as i would it was a good idea or not cameron hasn't got that ability basically i think he's gone mad he's gone mad very early he's only been in power a year now balmy is he going to be the last as long as blair blair was thirty five at the end of it all right my suspicion is that the pressure is just driven involving kelvin mackenzie thank you very much. twenty five years of fallout. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. a quarter of
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a century ago and has none clerk for its mistakes. the legacy of chernobyl. on the arctic. download the official t. application show i phone on pod touch from the i choose ops to. launch all g.'s life on the go. video on demand on cheesemonger bold colors and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com. fast for. the first fists just first.
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place. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future of coverage. the side of the world's worst nuclear accident threatens a new radiation leak as a lack of progress on replacing the crumbling for novels for profit is the current containment shelter was built water of a century ago and was only meant to last twenty years. nato airstrikes hit the libyan capital once again targeting hurled at obvious compounds while the rebels hold fail benefits from the country's rich with sources it's quite obvious gone experts warn their aspirations are likely to grab the block itself to suck up the well. and russia's ministry of culture under fire for boarding an innovation prize to work slammed by the majority is an act of vandalism at some praise the
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move saying it's a sign of censorship to society. here on r t and i'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime andrew it's happening in the world of sports. hello there thank you for watching the sport and this is what is coming up by the next in. sydney to three past clearly it's regain top spot in the russian premier league. while in england arsenal's talisman dreams shattered by a shot defeat to bolton. and perhaps off the england's lee westwood as he becomes called the world number one. best kick off there with a russian crime a league with defending champions and eight ever again top spot there after they won three know at home decrease of yet arthur world class free kick alexander k.g. cough after eleven minutes putting the high side in front on one i stayed until
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nine minutes to go when three five strikes and bank allows the big game to rest before and school the nico back to the top then yes sneak off and. just go missed the chance of playing top spot of the day we held for surprise one one draw at lowly. i mean from a cone of death to be army men after twenty seven minutes but not seeing the new me cough be the visits defense to level just before they die and that was how it finished to start remain unbeaten but slipped to home dropped to the box in the. meanwhile ruby i have yet to win in four gangs are being held one one in a gritty kind of pain to study and car alexander three years instead of striking for the home side just before half time before all my children of put through i mean that the fifty seven minutes just i think points from
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a possible eighteen and seven i saved them for the former double champions a second boston. and finally spot i'm not going to do it off the board. the table under up to eleven for the one near when i got home to spot that now. struck five minutes into the second half of the visit how dear dr judy of each sent off in stoppage time now drop to thirty. well there is just one more game in the russian prime really a monday anonymous girl facing angie in a mixed path on the north side that's likely seven points from a possible fifteen so far all the visitors are in place in three. meanwhile in england bolton snatched a ninety minute winner to win two wanted home to arsenal to open ended gun is premier league title hopes third place arsenal needed a win to go within six points of leaders manchester united with full games left to play including
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a showdown with united at the emirates next sunday but daniel sturridge put the high side ahead of the thirty eight minutes before kevin davies mr penalty early in the second half. maybe one one but in the last minutes made headed home to give cold snap pictures and effectively consign arsenal to the sixth straight season for that to try and think. of the monday fourth place once the city pulled from the struggling black current state chasing champions league spot city game is in good colors begins with a michael richards and having one in six league matches away sixteen quite out without help with a nine. open scotland rangers keeper allan mcgregor produced and pending save to help the reigning champion strong at home to celtic on sunday in the title race alive there i think train for second place else in the program doesn't go top of the story like police to gang hand and with less than ten minutes on the clock
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stephen davis was a judge who found anthony stokes. who is smart has stepped up to take the flight people pushed the shelf life to ensure things go well for the. can still take the title if they win five six i let's go to tennis and there's no stopping him on clay world number one rafael nadal spend a day with prayer for the second final in a right to claim the party line i open so i thought this was in the dow's thirty fourth win in a row on clay and the sixth time he's won this title in the first so you can see one breeze through it sixty two but i lost last week in monte carlo masses did respond and went forward in the second set but the dow hit back with four straight games to take the match and not even hate quite believe how well the clay court season is going to head of next month's french open i.
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started with is like this is a dream for me. everything i want my level to. first . said to. you but always you split up again. i was like you with the second. but. one of the more important because. the modest body goodmans so. well and was predictable there was a shot for the number one caroline wozniacki losing in straight sets. in the final of the ground for eight other local favorites at the first one tie break and then these three in the big taking it take that six three the twenty two year old collapsing at the end picking up the winner's check of one hundred eleven thousand dollars and not. truth wins the world's top thirty for the first time. it's.
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my best moment in my carrier so far and then the crowd was amazing they were just cheering for me and standing ovations and just amazing standing here on the center court in front of that home crowd. she's not the only one climbing the rankings lee westwood is gulfs new world number one taking top spot after he won the indonesian open and fellow englishman luke donald failed to win in south carolina a good start for westwood he was also celebrating the day he started the day five shots clear of the field and showed his intent not to let up from the start line in this one close the painful on the very first told he did wobble slightly but by the time he reached eighteen he had a comfortable lead spine round of sixty nine leaving an online team under overall nothing short victory over thongchai jaidee exile and more importantly this winning part was also enough to martin primer on talksport after he decided
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to take the green. stick around because elizabeth believes. concentrate on the little things above all that together. try to turn a priest. in this week he was. told we did have the chance to get the number one spot but let it slip through his fingers after losing to brant snedeker in a play off the heritage event in south carolina the american rallying from six shots behind during his final round with great eyes like that one tension with a seven under sixty four to match turns twelve under overall i think this man having another study round of seventy this isn't here i said i went to a playoff they were tired after the first few extra holes but off this medicare part the i don't chip off the green file to find the hole but only just. take a second title on the p.g.a. tour. now let's see what's been happening in the n.b.a. playoffs but boston are the first side through to the second round after completing
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not whitewash over new york beating them one hundred one to eighty nine and the last game to win the series. you know what we expected coming in you know we knew it was going to be easy as the game wanted to but we found a way to put it away you know we had to swap you know the celtics to get us out of a slope it seemed a long time so it's a good feeling we get some rest and probably have you know we we write a play coming and i mean i feel like. well the atlanta hawks are a win away from making the playoffs they're three one up in a series against the land after an eighty eight eighty thought i'd win last night in philadelphia lifted by another day directly six eighty two when making it three one in their best of seven series against miami new orleans and i tied it to a taste of the i like it's about ninety three eighty eight with that. formula one. has left the hospital seven weeks after suffering severe injuries after crashing his car in a rally in italy that was badly hurt while taking part in
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a race last february and had to have extensive surgery to save his right hand he also needed operations on the shoulder like an elbow at the hospital in northern italy says the polish dr his condition is good in. monaco before beginning a new phase of rehabilitation jackson happening just three days after the twenty six year old had set the fastest time the first pre-season testing valencia following yes and when i replaced it it's a bit german fried look high for. we wish him well now to the world figure skating championships which will open here in moscow today the biggest annual skating event was moved to russia following the devastating earthquake but affected the regional venue of tokyo or russia is staging the world's biggest trading championship third time this time due to the change in venue was a tough challenge for the organizers but they managed to pay everything just one month public signs in moscow is high with more than seventy percent of the tickets
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already sold so full houses are expected in every day despite the absence of russia's biggest star you can. bang by the natural state b.c. the total prize money will be seven hundred ten thousand dollars both by the men's and ravens wins one will get sixty seven and a half fives and i would be contenders who face stiff competition as all four reigning world champions are back on the ice and it and then the title. should be great sites to support the language but more like. hungry for the full six we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on r t.
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in taiwan multis available in the landis typee hotel miriam ogaden typee that's how it pulls a hotel tonight be sure it's inside the hotel hotel royal shell his degree and her tone the show which has shown some will do this to type the hotel kuvasz oh so
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photo from hotel resort evergreen the hotels like pete grande victoria hotel gloria prince hotel hope springs resort and spa tycoon hotel royal she plans come closer to the town you know your hotel on the west in taipei evergreen close a hotel in thailand thailand as hotel time ambassador type the hotel full points by sheraton how would prince or tell the splendid hotel in touch with the hotel in touch your room the photo and oregon how an international house flooded the cheap evergreen local hotel in tulsa. world news. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future of coverage.

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